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Travel Advisor

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” – Augustine of Hippo

Throughout my adolescence growing up, I knew that college would be a time of exploration and learning, both in the classroom and out, and both for my education and for myself. Coming from a single-parent, first-generation college student home, I knew that when I went to school, I wanted to say yes to whatever I could! It just so happened that the school I went to was HUGE on study abroad. I may have chosen to do a full year instead of one semester for reasons other than travel initially, but that time abroad truly changed my life. I’m not sure if you could count that as my first solo trip since we were with other students, but if not, my first true solo trip would follow.

I always hated history and being talked AT rather than with, but when you are in the places where history was written, those words take on a different meaning. Travel is so magical to me — it truly can transport you to not only that new place, but you can see back in time, and explore ancient regions, and visit museums that track even further back. That study abroad sparked the travel bug for me, and today I have now been to 50 countries (and always counting)!

Everyone has their hobbies, but when people ask me what I do in my spare time, honestly — I’m working to save money for my next trip! Or I’m planning my next trip, or I’m on my next trip! So for me, becoming a travel agent seemed the next logical step. I already drop everything and get so excited to help my friends plan their dream trips, it will be an honor to help you!

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