Frequently Asked Questions

Do you book Airbnb or VRBO?

Airbnb and VRBO do not partner with travel advisors, therefore we do not book these platforms.

Do you charge a fee?

Nope! We are 100% commission based and get paid through our travel partners and suppliers. Our travel planning services are at no additional cost.

I received a quote from a different travel agency - can you beat their price?

Our agency policy precludes us from engaging in direct competition or collaboration with other travel agencies. Our current client commitments limit our capacity to compete for your business. If you choose to work with us, our primary focus is on delivering personalized, attentive, and uninterrupted service and support to you!

Can you help me while I’m traveling?

Yes, if issues arise while traveling, we are here to help! However, we ask that you carefully review your itinerary prior to travel to ensure complete understanding of your itinerary. Since many destinations have a significant time difference, we may not always be readily available to answer questions that could have been asked in advance.

I only need help with flights – can you book?

We do not book flights only, as airlines do not provide commission to travel agents. We will assist with flights when other travel components of the trip will be booked. Example: hotels and resorts, excursions, transportation and/or rental cars, etc.

Note: We do not book flights for groups.

Can you provide an itemized breakdown of my travel costs?

Our system does not show an itemized breakdown of costs for packages or for multi-layer trips. We ask that you provide us a total budget and/or budget range and we will work to stick within your request!