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If you’d like our car rental travel agents to help you book a dream vacation and a car rental, we’re here to help!

We know the last thing you want after a long flight is to fill in a bunch of paperwork, which is why booking with Wanderlust Jetsetters ensures every detail is taken care of — from location to transportation.

Wanderlust Jetsetter’s team is made up of experienced luxury travel agents who are adept at planning every element of travel from dream itineraries to arranging car rentals. Wherever you’re planning to visit, our car hire travel agents will get you on the move.

Whatever kind of car you’re hoping for, we can work to make it happen!

Your Dedicated Car Hire Travel Agent

With a wealth of destinations at our fingertips, we can act as your personal organizer to get you on the road for your vacation. It couldn’t be easier to rent a car using Wanderlust Jetsetter!

Just get in touch, tell us about the kind of car you want, and we’ll do the rest!

Discover Our Car Rental Travel Agent Services

So, what will your car rental agent provide as part of our custom service? When planning your vacation, you can expect our team to:

  • Book a car at your chosen destination option
  • Narrow down the types of car available to suit your travel party
  • Arrange the details, including airport transfers and pick-up locations

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