Luxury Cruise
Travel Agent

Have you always wanted to set sail on a luxury cruise? Or travel to multiple destinations in style without multiple room bookings? Good news — the Wanderlust Jetsetter team can help create a custom trip across the seven seas.

As expert cruise trip planners, we help voyagers enjoy the highest quality travel experiences, which you can learn more about on our luxury travel agency service page. in some of the world’s most popular locations. These range from our Caribbean travel agency service to Europe, Asia, and beyond!

Each cruise vacation planner makes their recommendations based on experience. As avid travelers who see the world, research, and make personal connections — both on land and offshore! — our team is perfectly placed to help plan your next adventure.

Whatever is on your cruise wishlist, we can create a custom itinerary for you and your travel party, where no wish is too big!

Custom Cruise Trip

Each of our cruise travel agents creates personalized packages and bespoke breaks tailored to your travel style, preferences, and interests.

Whether it’s an Alaskan cruise, a Mediterranean journey, or a Caribbean getaway, Wanderlust Jetsetter’s cruise planners can make it happen.

Just get in touch, tell us about your dream cruise, and we’ll do the rest!

Find Your Cruise Vacation Planner

As your dedicated cruise planner, Wanderlust Jetsetter will take care of everything, making your cruise vacation as stress-free and streamlined as the streamliner you’ll voyage on! The Wanderlust Jetsetter team will:

  • Create a customized itinerary based on your cruise wish list
  • Present a choice of staterooms and packages on board
  • Ensure you have all the essential pre-trip information you need
  • Arrange finer details for your trip, like airport transfers, onboard activities, excursions, and more

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